We manufacture closed wall sections, mid floor sections (in the case of a double story house) and roof sections in order to complete the finished weathertight, structural core of a house.

It is about the same. The aim of panelisation is to accelerate the build process.

Typically about a third the time it takes to build an onsite built house. This equates to about a 16 week time saving.

Typically a day, weather permitting

We can modify a client supplied design for panelisation, this can take 6-8 weeks depending on complexity

Yes we can, however depending on site conditions, modifications might be needed. The advantage is further time saving.

At the very beginning of subdivision planning. This can save time and money with traffic management and setting up public exclusion zones for crane use.

10 houses of the same design or typography

Maximum stud height of 3.6 metre, 12.5 metres long with maximum width of 4.5 metres. The sizes are governed by transport limitations, overall the most cost effective size is within the size range of a 40ft container

In theory it is possible to freight panelised components nationally, but the limiting factor becomes cost.

Typically framing, internal and external linings with insulation, wiring and plumbing. Windows and doors are also included in wall sections.

Cladding choice and installation is left for the client to select and complete onsite once we have assembled on site

Essentially the internal fit out and finishing and external cladding.

Building Product Information Requirements

Simply click the link below to download the Building Product Information Sheet for the Clever Core Panelised Home:


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