Clever Core’s unique manufacturing process delivers significant time saving over traditional building methods and can lead to early finished delivery. Dimensionally accurate and built to all code requirements, Clever Core ensures best quality fit, finish and compliance.

The Clever Core construction process also leads to improved health and safety and waste reduction through a highly controlled manufacturing operation.

Features and benefits of Clever Core

Accelerated productivity

Significantly reduces construction time and time to market

Allocation of resource

Increases productivity with no additional staff

BIM modelling

Optimises design which reduces complexity, risk and time

Advanced Quality

Dimensionally accurate with improved fit and finish

Improved compliance

Fully monitored manufacture with exceptional traceability

Speed of consent

Repeat design allows for a more streamlined, accelerated process

Reduced waste

DMFA process offers significant reduction in waste

Health and safety

Less exposure to hazards for personal both on and off site


Repeatable design that reduces waste and increases quality and speed.


Clever Core offers significant sustainability benefits compared to traditional house builds. From warmer, dryer, healthier homes to the smallest possible carbon footprint and a greater ability to recycle waste. Our plant layout was designed to create the most efficient flow in movement and is powered by 100% renewable and carboNZero certified electricity. We are looking to use solar technology in the future to also offset our energy usage. Cleverore is constantly working on how we can improve our sustainability.

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